Meet the Family

Fun in the pines


Aspen is a purebred female Golden Retriever. She is 4 years old and is Goldie’s half sister. Aspen is half American and half English Cream Golden Retriever. She loves water and walks through her water dish after a good game of fetch. Aspen loves to walk around with a ball in her mouth. Aspen is an adventure dog and loves when we take her with us on hikes.

Big Dan

Big Dan is our Dark Red Stud. He is from Oregon and has a great pedigree. He was bred for his personality, conformation, and color. Dan is our son’s best friend. Dan is very sweet tempered. He loves to run, play ball, and go hiking with us. He is a great dog and we are excited to continue his lines.


Coco is the newest addition to our pack. She is half American and half English Cream. She is active and loves our family! She enjoys trying to beat Aspen at fetch and cuddling with Dan. Coco has a more blocky head and great conformation. We are excited to add her to our family!

Little Ann

Little Ann is our Dark Red female. She comes from a long line of hunting dogs. She has a more energetic personality but is a lover! She wants to be as close to you as possible which sometimes means sitting on your feet. She loves to carry things which most often include balls, toys, or sticks (her personal favorite as they are everywhere.)


Kord is a stud in Colorado that we use. We love his personality and he can often be found jumping in the pond at his house with his family. His family loves him so much and we understand why! He is super sweet and loving and we see his personality in our past litters.

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